Power cord Australia YP-36/YC-13, 0.75mm, 1.8m

AUS 2pin type I/IEC 60320-C7, SAA, black

Power cord Australia YP-36/YC-13, 0.75mm, 1.8m

Power cord Australia YP-36/YC-13, 0.75mm, 1.8m

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Our Part No.: CB-8-AUS
EAN: 4032528012810
Customs tariff number: 85444290
Information: DINIC Bulk
In stock: 73 pc.

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Mains Cable for Australia - Type I to C7, black, 6ft

MAG Part No: CB-8-AUS (Yung-Li Part No: YP-36/YC-13)

  • Connectors: Type I AS 3112 to C7
  • Colour: black
  • Length: 1.80m
  • X section: 2 x 0.75mm
  • Material: H03VVH2-F
  • Approval: SAA
  • RoHS compliant
  • Packaging: bulk

Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea

Plug type I Australian Norm: AS 3112 - Yung-Li Part No YP-36/YC-13
Since 2005 the pins are required to be partially insulated. This standard is also used in New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea

Connector type C7 - Yung-Li Part No YC-13
The figure of 8 or Euro 8 IEC 60320-C7 connector is a non-polarized, class II domestic appliance coupler. The maximum pin temperature may not exceed 70C and the maximum rated current is 2.5A.

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