Power Cord Thailand

The type O plug, rated at 16 amps, is one of the official standards in Thailand. it is used exclusively Thailand. This norm is described in the TIS 166-2549 standard. The Thai authorities wish to consolidate the various norms that are prevalent in their domestic network. The most common sockets in Thailand are compatible to type A & B (USA) plugs and type C & E/F (CEE7/16 & CEE7/7 EUR). In 2008 the Thai government banned sales of equipment fitted with type E/F as they are loosely compatible with type O but are deemed dangerous as the earth from the E/F plug does not connect to that of the type O socket.

The wish to establish Type O plug has improved impractical. There are no type O sockets, except as hybrid versions which take type A & B as well. So, very few cable factories produce the type O plug and even less have the national safety certificate. Equipment manufacturers tend to supply a US cable as that is the only viable solution for an end-user to connect the appliance. This can be confusing because the US plug, if certified, has 120V embossed on the plug. Thailand, however, uses 220V. The 120V refers to the UL requirement if the cable is being used the USA and not to the electrical capability of the plug.

For the foreseeable future Yung-Li will not be developing the type O plug as the market demand compared to the investment is extremely low.


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