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Chile und Libya

In Chile and Libya plug type L is used which is the same type of AC plug used in Italy.
It may however be necessary to check if the Italian specification CEI is adequate.

Chile: Voltage 220V, Frequency 50Hz
Libya: Voltage 127-230V, Frequency 50Hz

Stromkabel Italien auch für Chile und Libyien CB-N-ITStromkabel Italien auch für Chile und Libyien CB-3-IT


Plug types C, D and M are used in India, however type M is by far the most widespread. This is the same plug that is used in South Africa. It may however be necessary to check if the South African specification SABS is adequate.

India: 230V Frequency 50Hz

Stromkabel  Indien CB-N-SA Stromkabel  Indien CB-3-SA Stromkabel  Indien CB-8-SA

Ireland, Singapore and Malaya

These countries use only the type G aka BS1363 plug. This plug comes from the UK and is the standard in domestic and public electricity supplies with a maximum of 250V. The plug comes with a fuse of either 3A, 5A, 10A or 13A.

Stromkabel  Irland, Singapur und Malaysia CB-N-UKStromkabel  Irland, Singapur und Malaysia CB-3-UKStromkabel  Irland, Singapur und Malaysia CB-8-UK


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 Power cord Taiwan, type B to C13, 1.25mm², 1.8m Information: DINIC
 TWN 3pin type B/IEC 60320-C13, BSMI, black
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Which plug for which country

Many European countries use the type E/F plug. There is even a single valid approval called ENEC. The exceptions are Italy Switzerland and Denmark regarding earthed power cords and the UK for both earthed and non-earthed power cord. Some countries use the same plug but are not compatible because of the type wire used and the necessary approval e.g. USA and Japan. Unfortunately the world has never managed to unify the AC power plug system.

Mains electricity by country - Wikipedia

Custom built cable

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